When Öhlins ambassador Nico Vink and filmmaker Ryan Gibb come to you with a project idea, you just know you need to support and the end result will be something truly spectacular! In May of 2018 the Ute Park wildfire … Continued

Japan is known for a lot of things. Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki to name a few. It’s also the place where the Tokyo Auto Salon show takes place, and after 14 years Öhlins Japan made a comeback. The three-day event took … Continued

Öhlins Racing Year In Review

Öhlins have had a great racing year with multiple wins during 2019. In the MTB Downhill Loïc Bruni grabbed the championship titles in the World Cup and the UCI World Championship. In Motorcycle racing and Automotive Racing Öhlins has won … Continued

The bike that can do it all, from asphalt to gravel, there’s no road the Yamaha Ténéré can’t conquer. Might we even dare to call it freedom on two wheels? Here at Öhlins, we like giving you the ability to choose when and where you … Continued

In the clear polished lacquer, you can see the reflection of a handsome face, oh wait, that’s you! The scent of new leather seats hits you as you open the door to the driver’s seat. As you slide into the seat, … Continued

Moto Madness season

March is the start of Moto madness. From Superbike to MotoGP, we can’t get enough of motorbikes and racing. Both MotoGP and World Superbike are two series dear to our hearts here at Öhlins. We live and breathe motorsport, with practically gasoline running through our … Continued

Roses and chocolate are the most common ways to turn on the romance for Valentine’s Day. We prefer speed and adrenaline to turn up the heat. On February 14 the biggest rally event of the season will take Valentine’s Day … Continued

Some people look at a downhill slope and see a pretty landscape, other people see a race track. If you’re the latter, you’re not just people – you’re a mountain bike rider. We don’t ride, we shred, and we take on the landscape the way it’s intended to – raw and untouched. Speed, … Continued

Winter is technically still around but that doesn’t stop January from starting of hot. In the world of automotive we can’t wait to start off the year, and first up we had the Autosport International Expo in Birmingham. Between January … Continued