Sales promoters, as the name implies, are professionals focused on selling, helping to serve consumers in stores. They can support the sales of products or services, through demonstrations, explanations and even an advisory service, in addition to organizing the space and display of your company’s products at the point of sale.

These professionals are often the decisive point for the customer to purchase the items and therefore, it is essential that they are always trained and updated with the guidelines, services or products offered and attuned to what is happening in the market, thus being able to provide information of quality that convince the consumer at the time of purchase.

Let’s understand how the profile of this professional is being adapted to the current scenario. Continue reading.


In times of a pandemic, more than ever, digital services have become essential, and many tasks had to be adapted to the virtual format. Even professionals who did not need so much to use a computer or cell phone to perform their tasks, had to reinvent themselves in a new profile, more connected, and able to meet demands now online.

Companies that provide training to promoters, who previously held face-to-face meetings, are now providing platforms that allow training to be held virtually. All this work and investment aims to bring advantages to the company, which we will get to know next.



The sales promoter can be considered the business card of the company. Often, it is the first and main channel of consumer contact with the brand. When faced with a shelf full of similar and competing items, a first-time consumer, who wants to know new products, or who is just passing through the aisle, ends up having contact with the sales promoter.

It will be the key piece in the customer’s choice. We can also consider B2B sellers and even merchandising presenters on TV shows as sales promoters.

They are the “face of the brand” and that is why it is essential that they show their values ​​through their posture, attitudes and positioning. Having a highly trained and qualified promoter who manages to be the essence of the brand through his presence and service brings several benefits, we list here some of the main ones:

1 – Buying consultant: one of the main benefits of providing adequate training for the sales promoter team is that he becomes a buying influencer, able to give an opinion and accurately indicate the best option for the customer’s need.

2 – Authority at the POS: a well-trained promoter, able to answer questions and provide quality information, ends up becoming an authority on the subject at the POS , acting as an expert, having the knowledge and ability to offer the best solution to the problem that the consumer is facing and even for store salespeople

3 – Brand presence at the POS: having a promoter in the sales environment is already a differential, as it adds brand presence to the environment. Whether through their service, or even indirectly, through the use of uniforms bearing the company’s logo. A representative working at the POS is able to capture opportunities for exposure, expanding the space and prominence of the company/brand in the store.

Now that you already know the advantages and benefits of the sales promoter’s presence, learn how to keep him updated through distance training.


Conducting distance training for the team of promoters is in itself a great advantage, as it guarantees savings with resources such as transport, physical space and speaker.

Providing relevant training in a simple way, through applications that are just a click away, that the user can access whenever and wherever they want, is already another benefit that makes a lot of difference for those who have a hectic routine and always subject to unforeseen events such as traffic, among others. This agility of having updated information at the point of sale in record time also brings advantages over the competition.

To ensure the efficiency of team training, it is necessary to pay attention to a few points:

Content: the material needs to be relevant, something new, easy to understand and in language that speaks to the audience that will be trained. In addition to promoters who help end consumers, training platforms are also used to train salespeople, who perform B2B service. Therefore, make sure that the language and all elements are easy to interpret. Use the trainings to not only pass on product information, but also convey the company’s vision, mission and values. Other relevant content is also related to the attitude and form of service that must be followed by all employees, whether internal or external.

Formats: Videos are one of the most used resources in training, as they enable the demonstration of the new product or service. Studies show that our brain assimilates information from video much faster than text. Explore resources with greater retention and understanding potential.


Learning Assurance: Make sure promoters are really understanding what is being passed on. Conduct follow-ups and tests to ensure that the content has been assimilated correctly. Ask for feedback on the format and be open to suggestions for improvement from participants.

Engagement: a good way to have good results with online training is to keep the team always engaged in the content and in carrying out these activities. Encouraging employees to carry out training is often not an easy task, so we have another article with more tips for you to overcome this challenge, check it out in Distance Education: engage your team remotely .

Now that we’ve given you tips on how to develop distance training for promoters, here’s a list of the seven mistakes you shouldn’t make in online sales training: Sales training: mistakes you can’t make .

Still talking about the efficiency of training, it is possible to say that today the main way of offering distance training is through applications. They have several features that make it easy to customize and update content on a constant basis. It can be made available for different types of devices and operating systems, its installation is simple, like any other application that the user is used to dealing with.

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