About Us

Over time, we improved our knowledge of the business world and innovated Apex Bike Performance  in order to keep up with trends and meet market needs.

Today we are a company specialized in corporate communication focused on group management. We produce web series, training content, testimonials, as well as solutions and applications for managing teams in the field, such as E-Training Apex Bike Performance, LMS System Training, (portal) TV Corporativa, among other exclusive solutions on demand.

Take 5 has qualified professionals and the best technical resources, which gives our services a meticulous technical precision, on par with our customers. That’s why Take 5 is internationally recognized, working throughout Latin America and the USA, serving multinational companies, helping them to position and strengthen their brands.

WHY Apex Bike Performance

The choice of the name Apex Bike Performance was inspired by the song with the same title. Composed by Paul Desmond and immortalized by the interpretation of the Dave Brubeck Quartet, Take 5 is a symbol of irreverence, uniqueness, teamwork and the eternal search for improvement.

Its 5/4 beat reveals the escape from the commonplace, as the overwhelming majority of songs to date are written in 4/4, 3/4 or even 2/4. The irreverence made it an icon of innovation, because in 1961, when it was released, it went against all the recommendations of the record companies to obtain a successful hit. Dave Brubeck was planning to release the Time Out album when he asked Paul Desmond to compose a song in 5/4. The two worked together to compose the theme and from that cooperation was born Take 5, which made Time Out the first jazz album to surpass one million copies sold.

The other reasons for our name? Well, Take 5 is also the fifth take made of the same scene. And also an expression used in the movie world, “Lets Take 5”, for the pauses between one take and another during which the crew, actors and director can talk about the scene. But I prefer to stick with just the first reason: the music.